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Frequently asked Questions

- Absolutely no! We have nothing to do with hemp and the cannabis trade. You cannot order weed from us. We do not break the law.

Yes, but you should keep in mind that when you receive a package at any branch of the GEORGIA post office, you will be asked for an identity document. Without presenting a passport or driver's license, you will not be able to receive your order. There is nothing illegal in buying seeds. Therefore, we kindly ask you to indicate the real name and surname of the recipient when ordering.

Feminized Seeds are 100% female. We guarantee that the probability of a male plant is 0%.

Autoflowering seeds. They are short ( 1 m on average) plants. The harvesting period is 2.5 months on average. The plants do not require a change in the light regime when growing indoors..

Also, we classify seeds intoautoflowering and photoperiodic. Autoflowering Seeds: They grow short (smaller that 1 meter). The average harvest time is 2.5 months. They do not require a light regime when grown indoors.

Feminised seeds: They are the opposite of autoflowering seeds. It takes about six months to grow and ripen. The autoflowering plants grow into shorter plants and give lower yields while photoperiodic seeds grow into taller plants and give higher yields.

It is absolutely legal to sell seeds in Georgia. Nevertheless, for your privacy, we pack the parcel as inconspicuously and securely as possible. We ship seeds in our original packaging in packs of 3, 5 or 10 pieces.

The boxed seeds are packed in a courier package. If some of the packaging components are missing, we will compensate you with additional bonuses. Our policy applies to parcels shipped by transport companies

We work 24/7. Place your order online at any time of the day.

We will process your order within 5-10 minutes! Then, we will send you a confirmation with payment instructions. The order is shipped within 24 hours after payment.

Mobile phones: +995 557 774 420

We call only our new clients if we have some questions. Sometimes, we are too busy. So, if you are not contacted in the next 10-20 minutes, do not worry - it means we are working on your order. Give us a little bit more time and exercise your patience.

Email: [email protected]

We try to answer emails during working hours and even outside working hours. Your letters are important, and we will write to you as soon as possible.


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